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We are especially interested in more ideas for valid Q/R/V MathLabs. We will provide a “submitted by” recognition for any MathLabs added to this site.

Here are some other links associated with the author’s MathArt LLC that might be of interest to the visitors of this site:

Dr. DiVito’s TED talk at TEDxIIT, “On the 5 Questions We Need to Answer to Fix American Education,” delivered in March, 2011:

The PointPlotsVideos Youtube channel can be accessed at:

Each of the videos here was made by the author of this site with the aid of his own software program, PoinPlots (discussed below). This channel includes two particularly popular videos. “The Intuitive Pythagorean Theorem,” demonstrates an intuitive reason for why the Pythagorean Theorem should be associated with the right triangle:

Likewise, the “Intuitive Area of a Circle,” demonstrates an intuitive proof that the area A of a circle of radius r is pi*r^2 because the circle can be transformed into a triangle of base 2*pi*r and height r:

Finally, a standalone pedagogical software program (for Mac or PC), PointPlots, for the teaching and learning of mathematics was developed and personally used by Dr. DiVito over the course of more than twenty years, beginning in 1988! The program is primarily for plotting and manipulating two-dimensional points, functions, and relations. It is extremely easy to use and learn, and not intended to compete with any other known pedagogical software. Only after his retirement did Prof. DiVito prepare this program as a market product. To date this tool has not been publicly promoted. It is hoped that interested teachers might investigate it and provide some very welcome feedback. PointPlots can be found at

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